Garden for our dining

Farm-to-Table Dining

One of the greatest joys in life is eating a delectable meal with people you love. At Sonoma Hills Retirement Living we offer an abundance of amenities including just that, scrumptious food, and good company. The dining experience should be nutritious, delicious, and engaging. We are proud to provide that for our residents every single day. 

Balanced Nutrition

Nutrition and how to maintain balanced nutrition is a process we navigate throughout our life. The requirements our body needs continually change from birth, adolescence, adulthood, and into older adulthood. While we may all have specific differences in some of those needs, other generalities do pertain. For example, older adults may find it difficult to stay hydrated as “the sensation of thirst declines with age,” according to Older adults also tend not to consume enough protein to maintain muscle mass, or absorb certain vitamins, such as B12. With these distinct dietary demands in mind, Sonoma Hills is happy to prepare and offer our residents a wide variety of meals. 

Tasty Dining

What can be better than eating food in season? Nothing brings back tasty memories like the smell of freshly sliced lemon for your iced tea or water on a summer day or nibbling on organic tomatoes and bell peppers in a garden salad. Sonoma Hills’ very own organic garden allows our talented chefs to maintain the quality of their dishes from start to finish. They take pride in their creations and maintain the highest level of standards in their work. From our garden we are able to provide fresh basil for delicious homemade pesto, and our chefs extend the freshest food for the palate! 

Restaurant-Style Atmosphere

What makes a delicious meal better than being able to share that experience with someone? Sonoma Hills’ dining not only furnishes savory meals but also a restaurant-style atmosphere with extended dining room hours so our residents can dine when they please. Have you ever noticed food just tastes better when you’re sharing it with someone? Sonoma Hills offers a warm and social atmosphere so if you want to meet and befriend other residents, you will find your people, and the dining room is the perfect place to make that happen. Food is a connector and can be a bonding experience. We tend to build trust with those we are eating similar foods to because it gives us a sense of identity and belonging. According to The Courier, when we share a meal with others, it can actually make them “seem more friendly and trustworthy.” 

Sonoma Hills Retirement Living is overjoyed to provide the best dining whether it is an everyday experience or a special occasion in our private dining room for a resident and their guests. We want to share the freshest cuisine while accomplishing our goal of making our residents feel their very best.