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The article was written by Libby Howell

Downsizing can be difficult for seniors, which is why it’s important to be ready for the mental and physical challenges that may arise through the process. Your wellness should be a priority throughout, which can be maintained in a number of ways — whether it’s meditating to cope with emotional stress or getting some exercise to help relieve tension.

For starters, if you’re ready to downsize but still need to find the right home, Sonoma Hills Retirement could be a great option. Self-care is also important during this time, and there are small things you can do every day to cope.

Challenges of downsizing—and how to deal

When the time comes to pack up and downsize, you’ll likely experience mental or emotional turmoil. Letting go of items through the downsizing process is difficult for many, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you notice stress or sadness arise. Acknowledge that it’s all part of the process, and give yourself time to grieve your old home and your donated possessions.

Another challenge with downsizing is adjusting to a new environment. As we age, change becomes more difficult, so it makes sense if you feel a little off in your new home. While it may be uncomfortable for a little while, you’ll eventually feel at home in your new place.

If you notice that your new home feels off, it might be a good idea to clean thoroughly to get rid of stagnant bad energy. Start by decluttering, then go through each room and burn sage—a practice known as smudging, which is a great way to help eliminate negativity while also purifying the space.

Moving can be physically exhausting as well. It’s vital to give your body time to rest and relax before trying to do too much after the move. Get plenty of sleep, eat nutritious meals, and allow your body to recuperate from the move.

Self-care tactics

As we age, it becomes more important than ever to practice self-care. While it’s become somewhat of a buzzword, self-care is a simple way of referring to practices that promote mental and physical wellness. This can range from meditation to practicing yoga to eating well — all of which will help your mind stay fresh and your body healthy.

Meditation is a practice that can be done at any age. Seniors can especially benefit from meditation because it helps with focus, can reduce depression, and enhance calmness for many. You don’t have to sit for hours each day to get the benefits of meditation — even just 20 minutes of quiet can have profound effects.

Exercise is great for seniors, but it’s important to find a type of exercise that will be low-impact, especially if you’re starting a new routine. Yoga is one such low-impact exercise — it can be done at varying levels, and its benefits are incredible for seniors. Not only does it help with flexibility and circulation, but it also helps calm the mind.

Eating well is crucial during this time. While it may be easier to grab fast food rather than make yourself a home-cooked meal, you’ll soon feel the negative impacts of the unhealthy meal. You don’t need to follow a strict, complicated diet to feel great. Instead, just focus on eating whole foods and plenty of vegetables. Avoid processed foods and overly salty or sugary food, and your body will thank you.

Downsizing will require adjustments, but it’s also an opportunity for change. If you need to get healthier, start by cleaning your home and kickstarting a new exercise and cleaner diet. But if you’re feeling disappointment or sadness about leaving your old home, don’t be too hard on yourself — it may take time, but you’ll get used to your new home quickly by adopting new healthy habits.

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