A house with a garden.Nothing says springtime more than the new sprouts and shoots of a garden. April just happens to be National Garden Month, so gather up those plants and get your hands in the dirt!

Many gardeners have spent the winter months dreaming and planning this year’s crop. Garden Month encourages you to make that dream a reality. Whether you are drawn to the colors or the flavors of the vegetables, the pleasure is in putting those seeds or plants in the ground and watching them grow.

A Planter With Plants Coming Through The Soil. No matter if you have an experienced Green Thumb or a newbie, we learn from each other and find joy in improving our skills and the knowledge of the plants. Seeing the result of our labor is nothing short of satisfying as we see the growing tomatoes and are tasting the sweetness of homegrown strawberries.

A Garden With Large Plants Growing.Gardens have played an important role in history, from sources of food to locations for leisure and entertainment. Gardens are not just an oasis for people. They are critical habitats for pollinators like bees, bats, birds, beetles, butterflies, and other animals. These spaces are not only beautiful but necessary for aiding these essential creatures whose natural habitats might be diminishing.

A large lavender bush.At Sonoma Hills, some beds grow mostly flowers, others are home to fruits and vegetables, providing ingredients for the Sonoma Hills culinary staff.

Embrace your love of gardening this month and appreciate the flavor of fresh foods and the process of growing from seed to ripened fruit and vegetable. Garden Month is time for all of us to connect with the outdoors, celebrate new life and enjoy Mother Nature’s handiwork, and celebrate that winter is behind us. It’s time to tend the garden!